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itemis AG is an independent IT consulting firm that develops powerful software for enterprise applications, embedded systems and mobile apps.

Professional consulting, excellent know how about technologies, profound knowledge of methods.

YAKINDU Products

Flexible, perfectly integrated tools for efficient Software- and Systems-Engineering

YAKINDU Requirements

YAKINDU Requirements is a software tool for requirements management. Specify complex applications in no time and keep the effects and risks of changes to requirements throughout the entire development process in view.

YAKINDU Traceability

YAKINDU Traceability is a solution that flexibly integrates into existing toolchains and processes. The tool illustrates the connections between artefacts like requirements, code, tests etc in clear way and allows for direct navigation between them. YAKINDU Traceability helps monitoring the quality and the development process and to apply to existing norms.

YAKINDU Model Viewer

The YAKINDU Model Viewer is an eclipse-based tool for displaying Matlab Simulink models. It allows for easy navigation and comfortable search in very large models. Different views and a hierarchical drill-down offer the required detail information. In combination with YAKINDU Traceability, Matlab Simulink models can be combined with other development artifacts.


The YAKINDU EA-Bridge supports direct model-based access to Enterprise Architect UML models from within Eclipse. By using the Enterprise Architect as your modeling front-end, you are no longer bound to proprietary technologies to process your models.

YAKINDU Statechart Tools

The YAKINDU Statechart Tools are tools for the specification and development of state machines. A graphical editor offers interactive validation and simulation, the integrated code generators produce C, C++ and Java code which can easily be integrated into existing applications. The tool integrates into Eclipse-IDEs and can be used off-the-shelf.

Platforms and Frameworks

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